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Machine Reconditioning


What distinguishes QTM from second-hand machine dealers?

The used die-cutting machines size 3 to 7, WUPA, WPM and Heidelberg brands, which are taken off the market, are completely reconditioned in our company by our qualified specialists.
The machines are cleaned with our modern cleaning system with integrated finishing.

Replacement of wear parts and exchange of defect parts in line with safety-related requirements, and up-to-date modifications. (Innovation / Modifikation)

Overhaul of gripper bars

Besides new gripper bars, QTM has overhauled gripper bars for different types of die-cutting machines permanently on stock, reasonably priced and available at short notice.



Upper platen of WUPA PS 3.4 C

After the complete overhaul, our machines are in an almost new condition and thus offer a reasonably priced alternative to new machines.

We would like to invite you to visit QTM, in order to show you our wide range of services.


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